Create your own casino procedure and follow it

Casino games are not just about luck. As mentioned above, luck plays a role, but there are many ways to influence (and reduce) how much luck determines the outcome of the game. One of the most effective ways to do this is to perform a game procedure . Here, by procedure, we do not refer to roulette strategies or other similar game strategies. Instead, the procedure is a sequence of events, analyzes and decisions that the player will make before and when he plays. For example, you can reserve an amount to use for the gambling, profit , and loss adjustment limits, and once exceeded, you must cancel the day or change the game.

At the same time, the procedure may also include decisions about whether to take a chance in a particular game or rather to respect less risky bets. When playing gambling you should minimize the impact on luck. And the same is true in the real world. Prevent the risk situation by making sure that you have prepared in advance and that these are not surprising.


The statistics clearly show that breaking the rules will lead to a collapse and we assume that anyone who allows the game to take advantage of them and stop playing according to the rules they have set for themselves can attest to the truth.

It is not easy to just give up the gain or give up trying to immediately compensate for a significant loss. But this is the idea – to keep a cool head, a clean mind and overcome your first reaction, even if it means giving up when you do a lot. If you can do this at a casino, then you can deal with similar situations at home or at work. And having strong self-discipline has many benefits in life . Very few people can do this and emotions often say a lot about people. Don’t let that happen.

A continuous improvement

Don’t start stagnating when you play in casinos; keep in mind that winning several times in a row could still be just luck. In addition, casinos themselves are constantly improving and expanding in their games. 

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